[fosc] Fwd: Rhopalomyia californica populations

Karen Paulsell kpaulsell@pacbell.net
Sat, 19 Jul 2003 13:12:50 -0700

This woman's looking for mite-galls on Coyote Brush, so if you see any 
lumpy-spots on Coyote Brush, send her an email.

The mail-list this came from is kind of fun, people throughout the state 
asking question, exchanging info and plant-pix. Sometimes quiet, but 
sometimes lots of emails in a day.

Oh, dang, I can't find the directions right now, send me an email if you 
want the directions.

>Date:         Sat, 19 Jul 2003 00:35:14 -0700
>Sender: California Native Plants <CA-NATIVES@CALYPTEANNA.COM>
>From: Vanessa Schmidt <kaa-vks@SONIC.NET>
>Subject: Rhopalomyia californica populations
>Hello All,
>I am attempting to do a study on population densities of midges (Rhopalomyia
>californica) throughout the Bay Area, California.  As you may or may not
>know, midges create and develop inside of galls on coyote brush (Baccharis
>pilularis).  I am having difficulties finding very many galls, and thus I
>implore you to look for them (in your backyard, on a hike, etc.), and let me
>know if you see any.  I would really appreciate it- my research depends on
>it!  Please email me if more information is needed.
>Thanks again,
>Vanessa Schmidt