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Fri Jan 6 21:15:08 PST 2006

Greetings Foscers, 
  Sausal Creek Keepers 
  So our new season of planting has begun although we were unable to start that part of the program on Tuesday. Mr. Wolfe's 5th graders came from Glenview Elementary on their 4th field trip with us this school year and due to the heavy storm damage we had to improvise a bit of a different program. Showing them the evidence of high water (there was debris beyond the closest buckeye to the pool) and the way the water pulled leaves off stems and grasses around trees and rocks was well worth not being able to plant. Carol Kuelper and I scouted the area and decided we would NOT walk them across the Erosion area where the 2 alders fell across the creek (just past the stone circle) I have no problem walking across it myself, but I am not taking 6 kids with me!
  There was much to show them plus the mushrooms, about 5-7 different varieties
  were just jumping out of the ground.  We looked, prodded and took a couple 
  back for spore prints. We also got in a bit of work with our new binoculars... 
  since it had rained on Monday the birds were out in full force Tues to get caught
  up on some food.  As Barbara, Carol and I were leaving we saw a large flock 
  of cedar wax wings sharing the berries with some robins and scrub jays across
  from the 'oldest oak'. 
  Sausal Creek Explorers 
  Thursday things were a bit drier so we were actually able to do some planting.
  Kristen Hopper brought down a nice spread of plants (hedge nettle, rubus ursinus,
  bee plant and wood strawberries) for us.  Our painter friend who had been
  in the parking lot everyday I was in the last 6 days was spray painting yet again
  on Thursday morning as Laurie and I looked for the best spot to place our plants.
  He seemed to understand that he would not be able to continue painting today 
  yet when I got back there about an hour later he was still painting.  He packed
  up quite quickly when he realized I was planting NOW with the kids and took 
  his work elsewhere.   We planted close to the parking lot at the top of the oak tree area which has a plethora of mushrooms (students were not in the least squeamish about working around them).  The ground was a bit hard in places, but where there were plenty of leaves we had no trouble pushing aside the soil and slipping our babies in.
  We also were able to move a little mulch across El Centro to areas that 
  were still quite muddy in the first 25 yards of the trail.  Martin Matarresse 
  and crew did a splendid job of cutting back the coast live oak which fell on 
  Saturday morning across the canyon trail.  They placed the cut branches in 
  defensive positions to perhaps discourage new growth trampling in that area.
  Again we were able to see some birds with the new binos especially the 
  song sparrows on the edges of the El Centro pool. The water level had 
  dropped considerably and was much clearer than on Tuesday.
  After Barbara, Laurie and I said good bye to students and walked up 
  to the parking lot to leave... we were treated to an Anna's hummingbird
  display.  5 times he slowly climbed into the sky and then dove, plunging 
  back down toward the ground before pulling up in his classic J  shape..emitting 
  a loud 'whoop' to impress his lady friend.  She watched and then we politely
  We are in Dimond Park again this coming Tues and Thursday for any
  of you would like to observe, join in or just take a peek..... 9-noon
  we are meeting in the parking lot.... students arrive at 9:30AM 
  See ya then..

Sue Morgan
Education Director
Friends of Sausal Creek
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