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The Chimes Creek website  ( www.chimescreek.com ) has been updated with 
photos and correspondence with the City on what's happened over the 
past several weeks as the winter storms get underway.  Despite all the 
reassurances by the experts, ("the project will make your creek much 
better!") we've already seen a number of disgusting sewer overflows 
into the Creek, not to mention flooding and loss of private property.  
We are also still questioning the decision made by the City to issue a 
mostly "administrative" Category II Creek Permit for work done in the 
Ridgemont Basin, near the headwaters of Chimes Creek.  Find out more 
about why we think the City violated its own Creek Protection 

If you are interested in finding out how the City is planning to 
rehabilitate the leaking sewer lines in the Creek, plan on attending a 
community meeting that has been scheduled to discuss this project.  
This is a project that should have been completed last year but was 
postponed until this spring because the city engineers could not 
complete the drawings and obtain the necessary permits before last 

Wed. Jan 25, 2006
6 pm
at the Eastmont Police Station (2651 73rd Ave.)
contact Gus Amirzehni 510-238-6601 for more information.
Read about the mighty little creek that runs through Leona Quarry:

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