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kristen krhop at earthlink.net
Wed Jan 18 16:36:34 PST 2006

Hi all,
Here's an update from the field.
Lots of exciting things have happened in Dimond Canyon this winter.
We have sadly lost three very significant trees. The "Champagne Oak" 
was sacrificed to assuage liability fears. The other two, an alder 
holding up the trail from Dimond Park over to Dimond Canyon and an oak 
on the up hill side of trail in Dimond Canyon, were the dramatically 
wonderful result of mother nature reminding us that she bats last.
The Earth Team working with Oakland High students and dedicated 
Friends, Karen Paulsell and Elliott Smith has cleared roughly 4000 
square feet of invasive weeds to make way for establishing a beach head 
of native understory on the west side of the creek.
And most interestingly over the holidays -  the creek came up over the 
culvert on Wellington Ave and left fascinating bits of flotsam all 
strewn across the playing field in Dimond Park. The park gardener has 
obligingly left a sample rack line just under the buckeye tree for 
those who would like to go see and try to imagine what Dimond Park 
looked like covered by a sheet of creek water.

The Restoration Program was out last on Saturday January 7 spreading 
mulch, completing the clearing on the Earth Team plots and best of all 

Here's your chance to witness the drama of winter weather and add to 
the thriving native plant communities along Sausal Creek.

Join me this Saturday, January 21 for planting.
Depending upon how the logistics of collecting materials go - we will 
be at one of our Oak Woodland Sites.
Meet at the El Centro trailhead at 9 a.m. we will work until noon. 
Dress to get dirty. Sturdy shoes and long pants are recommended.

For directions or more information contact,
Kristen Hopper
Field Coordiantor
Friends of Sausal Creek
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