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Sue Morgan jmpnpnenviroed at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 22 17:30:02 PST 2006

I am attaching a series of emails on these topics 
which Marilyn Miller sent to me.  Pls note the city
seems to be coming on a tad more clearly on this
and will again attempt signage.  I am in complete 
agreement with Marilyn that some PR around the 
dog leash issue must be done if we are to eliminate
or at least decrease the snarling, off color comments 
that eminate from informing some individuals of the 
rule in Dimond Canyon re dogs, leashes and that area.

  Hi Sue,
>   Your e-mail and another from Sergeant Yelder of Parks police
> prompted me to followup on some questions with Richard Cowan.  That
> initiated a string of e-mails for which I won't use up your bytes
> (unless you're dying to read 'em ;--).
>   However I would like to share today's thus far, in an effort to
> bridge various interests and gain community energy for getting
> dogparks as well as mulching trails etc.
>   I welcome your thots on the subject too.   
>   Marilyn Miller (we met around Dan Gallagher and the Champagne
> Oak(!)
>           From:  "Cowan, Richard" <RCowan at oaklandnet.com>    To: 
> "'Marilyn Miller'" <himomiller at sbcglobal.net>, "Piper, Susan"
> <SPiper at oaklandnet.com>, "Cowan, Richard" <RCowan at oaklandnet.com>   
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> this Thursday/Sausal Creek    Date:  Tue, 17 Jan 2006 10:12:17 -0800 
>           This is a pretty accurate synopsis of what I said.  The
> signs reference is from something Sue told me, 
>     Richard Cowan
>   Chief of Staff
>   Councilmember Jean Quan
>   (510)238-7041/fax(510)238-6129
>   rcowan at oaklandnet.com
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> From: Marilyn Miller [mailto:himomiller at sbcglobal.net] 
> Sent: Tuesday, January 17, 2006 9:49 AM
> To: Piper, Susan; RCowan at oaklandnet.com
> Cc: CJimenez at oaklandnet.com
> Subject: RE: this Thursday/Sausal Creek
>               Thank you for clarifying park rules on dogs off-leash.
>     In talking with Richard last Thursday I learned that Sausal
> Creek, from Monterey to Hanly Road, had been under administration of
> East Bay Regional Parks until the mid-90's when it was transferred to
> the City of Oakland.  Under EBRP dogs were allowed off-leash.  I
> would venture to say that public perception has been unaware of the
> change in administration some ten years ago and the implications for
> dogs off-leash.
>     e.g. At the Sept. '05 Dimond Improvement Assn. meeting at which
> the proposal for a dogpark in Dimond Park was presented, my summary
> of the meeting posted on the Dimond website includes the presenter's
> ref to EBRP/Sausal Creek for off-leash use.
>     There was no comment on this at that time.      
>     Richard indicated that Sausal Creek is now to be posted with the
> City's rules re dogs on leash.  I asked Richard about the possibility
> of postponing until there is some assurance of an alternate dogpark
> off-leash venue, and he said that is highly unlikely. 
>     I got the impression from talking with Richard that there is an
> increasing awareness of the legitimacy of dogparks, and willingness
> to work with the community to find solutions such as the proposal at
> Lake Merritt. 
>     If indeed Sausal Creek is going to be posted, may I suggest that
> some PR be done prior to the posting.  I am not suggesting any kind
> of public debate or consultation.  Rather, given the history, link
> the occasion of posting AT THIS TIME, with increased effort to
> protect watersheds (ref. in Jean Quan's last newsletter #158 to
> Measure DD funds for part of Sausal Creek restoration) and maximize
> the benefit of years of FoSC restoration projects.   
>     I think this would help avoid a repeat of something like the
> Champagne Oak saga which resulted from failure to provide background
> ahead of time to the community. And it offers the best chance of
> getting the considerable energy of dog owners/walkers channeled into
> constructive effort to work with the City to establish dogparks. 
>     Sincerely, 
>     Marilyn Miller 
> "Piper, Susan" <SPiper at oaklandnet.com> wrote:
>       Park rules throughout the city require dogs to be on leashes no
> longer than 6 feet long. There are no -off-leash areas, except in dog
> parks. 
>       Sue Piper
>     Policy Analyst

Sue Morgan
Education Director
Friends of Sausal Creek

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