[fosc] Dogs, off leash, signs, Dimond Canyon, city policy

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Mon Jan 23 08:39:58 PST 2006

Obviously this is a super-sensitive issue since I would say most trail users 
are dog walkers. I would insist the dog contraint regulations and education be 
done outside of FOSC to the extent possible. I hope the Parks Dept and law 
enforcement are THE lead and follow through on this. There have been signs 
placed in the past only to be destroyed overnight. If there is no consistent 
follow-up planned and maintained (and this is likely-if water quality/sewage 
complaints and city response are an example) then we risk alienating or worse a large 
user-group. My experience of this group is that the majority are not FOSC 
financial supporters per-se, but their displeasure at regulation could translate 
in destruction of property or bad press about FOSC making a more difficult 
climate to operate (& fundraise) in. Without a dog park established before Dimond 
park trail closures seems like an invitation to a public outrage to me, and I 
don't want FOSC to be the target of, or in any way responsible for that 
reaction. My 2cents.
 Mark Rauzon
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