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Wed Jan 25 21:12:28 PST 2006

But first a note from the bird monitoring group on an exciting morning 
counting fine feathered friends in the watershed.
Although [the morning was] cold and damp we started off hearing a 
pileated woodpecker calling in the fog and ended with a peregrine 
falcon on the Fruitvale Bridge. In between we saw tons of birds, 
including a red and yellow-shafted flicker variety, cooper's hawk, 
redtails, turkey vultures, waxwings, warblers, varied and hermit 
thrushes, etc.

Wow how great to hear and see all of those exciting birds in one 

Meanwhile last Saturday at the El Centro trailhead in Dimond Park the 
Restoration Program formed a small but game group. We got half of the 
4000 sq. ft. of cleared area wrapped in erosion control blanket. A 
dedicated dog walker concerned about the condition of the trail and a 
first time volunteer worked hard at moving the huge pile of mulch along 
the road onto the trail up stream. And to top off a very productive 
morning - we managed to pull some broom re-sprouts up at the Benevides 
hillside and get some great habitat plants in. Phew.

This Week
I'm counting on another productive morning this coming Saturday. Our 
plantings at the Redwood Site would be doing fabulously if they weren't 
getting washed away by the incredible amount of water coming out of the 
storm drain from the street (Leimert) above. So here is what we need to 

1) re-route the water until we can get the situation addressed by an 
2) re-bury the roots of plants that have had theirs exposed
3) plant some more fun stuff.

Join me this Saturday morning 1/28 at 9 a.m. at the Redwood Site. Meet 
at the trailhead at Monterey Blvd.
Wear sturdy shoes, long pants, layers and bring water.

We also have loads of seedlings coming out of the green house that need 
transplanting. To help out at the nursery join the volunteer Nursery 
Program on 1/28 from 1:30 till 4 at the Joaquin Miller Native Plant 
Nursery in Joaquin Miller Park.
If you need directions or have questions send an email or give a call.

Hope to see you out there,
Kristen Hopper
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