[fosc] Dimond Oak

Mjrauz at aol.com Mjrauz at aol.com
Thu Feb 9 20:19:43 PST 2006

In December I had an independant arborist out to do a coring of the remaining 
oak trunk in order to confirm Tree Services assessment of the reason to take 
down the oldest oak. (See our website for the letter which will be soon 
posted.) The short story is-It showed basically what the City contended was the 
condition: in spite of the solid appearing trunk, at the ground level it was 
rotten inside. Like Thomas the disciple, I have touch the wounds and now believe.

Recently, last week, Feb 8-9, the Tree Services cut down another old oak on 
the El Centro Trail without posting any red warning tags. We are trying to get 
to the bottom of this.   

mark rauzon
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