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kristen krhop at earthlink.net
Wed Feb 15 14:34:54 PST 2006

Howdy Ya'll,

Well great news - the Earth Team in partnership with our very own 
Restoration Program got 550 native riparian and oak understory plants 
in on the west side of the creek during two work days last Thursday and 
this Monday. Chicory Bechtel of Earth Team worked hard on designing and 
working with partners on the project over the past year.
The goal of the Earth Team program was to teach high school students 
some of the ideas involved in ecological restoration. The students 
began last Fall by marking off 8 plots. Then they took pictures of the 
site prior to clearing a dense thicket of Algerian and Cape ivy and 
Himalayan blackberry. They cleared the less preferable invasive weed 
species, and covered much of the area with erosion control blanket. The 
plots were then planted with locally grown (from our very own Joaquin 
Miller Native Plant Nursery) native riparian and oak under-story 
plants. The students then mapped the placement of the plants in each of 
the 8 plots.  They will return in May to count plants and determine 
survivorship. With a prayer to the rain gods we hope that the plants 
will establish and add diversity and vitality to the ecology of this 
wonderful stretch of creek.

After a series of equipment failures and personnel problems, the city 
public works promises the removal of the large plant debris pile on El 
Centro prior to 2/18.

Join in on the fun. Our next work day will be Saturday February 25 in 
Dimond Canyon, come see our progress. Help mulch the trail, and pull 
problem weeds out of the planting areas to give the native plantings a 
fighting chance. Meet at the El Centro trailhead at 9. We will work 
until noon.

Contact me for directions, questions, suggestions, etc.
Field Coordinator

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