[fosc] Salmon in Sausal Creek?

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There is also salmon information on the Center for Ecosystem Management and
Restoration website www.cemar.org - they did a report on status of
anadromous fish in 30 Bay Area creeks, both that and the Leidy study are
linked at http://www.cemar.org/pastsuccesses.html.

We at Save The Bay support all of your wonderful efforts on Sausal Creek!


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Some years ago Rob Leidy collected historical information about fish 
in streams surrounding SF Bay.  I believe that information resides on 
the San Francisco Estuary Institute's website (www.SFEI.org), but a 
quick browse, which is all I have time for now, didn't turn it up.

My husband would know if it's there, as he manages the website, but 
he is in Mexico until Sunday.  I'll try to remember to ask him when 
he returns.

Kathy Kramer

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