[fosc] Notes from the Restoration Program

kristen krhop at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 1 17:21:52 PST 2006

Last Saturday at the creek it was a small crew but we got loads of 
Himalaya berry root crowns out and they won't be re-sprouting on us no 
more no more and they won't be re-sprouting on us more more - yah.
The west side planting looks great. Most of the species planted are 
woody shrubs and many where leafing out in a most promising manner.

This week there are several chances to get involved.

Restoration Committee meeting
Thursday 3/2 from 3:30 to 5:30  in the Joaquin Miller Native Plant 
Nursery (unless it rains in which case we'll meet at the Common Grounds 
coffee shop on Park in the Glenview). If you've been thinking and 
reading about restoration and conservation issues and are interested 
and helping to guide our work - please join the RC!

"Seed" Hike
We'll meet Friday 3/3 at 9:30 am. Let's park down at El Centro and walk 
up to Benevides. We'll do the loop along Park, cross the creek below 
the Driving Range, go up the Dunn switch-backs and back along 
Bridgeview and back down through the neighborhood to our cars. It's too 
late for most cuttings and too early for seeds so this hike is mainly a 
look at how thing are doing in Dimond Canyon.

Wear boots and bring a rain shell in case of showers.

Let me know if you are planning on joining us so that we can wait for 
all of the intended participants prior to wandering off.

Restoration Program - Grassland Site (Joaquin Miller Native Plant 
Saturday morning from 9 till noon. We'll be hauling slash off the slope 
below the nursery so that our neighbor and Friend Mike Doyle can get to 
the acacia re-sprouts to give them ye olde hatchet job. There will also 
be more meditative tasks for those who are not up to moving dead 

Nursery Program - Joaquin Miller Native Plant Nursery
Saturday afternoon from 1:30 till 4. Come help us get ready for the 
Spring Plant sale.......

For more information drop me an email or give me a call,
Kristen Hopper
field at sausalcreek.org or krhop at earthlink.net

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