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I thought you might be interested in happenings in a bigger East Bay
creek. Alameda Creek is the biggest creek in the East Bay and they found
an 11 pound steelhead trapped below the BART weir. The fish was
transported upstream so it could spawn. More dams are coming down in
Alameda Creek this year and fish passage is in the works for the BART
weir so within a few years steelhead will have access to much of their
historic habitat.
Sam Cohen

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We rescued two adult steelhead trout in the Alameda Creek flood control
channel this morning and moved them upstream, releasing them in good
condition into Niles Canyon. This is the ninth consecutive winter the
Alameda Creek Alliance has documented ocean-run steelhead trout in the
creek.  One of the steelhead, 31" long and weighing 11 pounds, was the
largest steelhead documented in the creek since the early 1960s. The
other fish was 26 1/4" long and weighed 6 1/2 pounds. 

I will post some photos and video of the fish and the rescue on the ACA
web site tomorrow night.

Another storm is suposed to hit tonight, so there may be an opportunity
to move more fish next week. Stay tuned.

- Jeff

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  of the Alameda Creek watershed"
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