[fosc] Trout in Codornices Creek

Sue Morgan jmpnpnenviroed at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 8 23:13:35 PST 2006

Our big news is that last Thursday to Saturday, steelhead trout at
least 24" long were seen trying to spawn in Codornices Creek -- the
first confirmed sightings. A short movie of these big ocean-going
rainbow trout, and their smaller creek-resident cousins, is on our
website, www.fivecreeks.org, and the website of Urban Creeks Council,
http://www.urbancreeks.org/. (High demand after this email may slow
downloads.) Many thanks to sharp-eyed Declan Banfield, who spotted
these fish!
It was a privilege, and extremely moving, to see these beautiful
creatures struggle to reproduce in our city creek. The joy was
bittersweet, because retaining walls and narrow channelization forced
them to try to nest where success seems unlikely. But it certainly
makes me eager to move ahead with restoration!
IMPORTANT: the fish may still be there, and their eggs or those of
other trout are in the gravels now. PLEASE DON'T DISTURB THE CREEK! The
state had closed Codornices Creek to trout and steelhead fishing. And
let's try to educate folks to keep dogs out of the water, especially in
this winter-spring season. Thanks.
San Francisco Bay is the most highly invaded ecosystem in the world.
Andrew Cohen,  Director of the Biological Invasions Program at San
Francisco Estuary Institute, speaks on the state of these invasions,
how they've arrived, what changes they've caused, and what if anything
can be done about them, 5:30 - 7 pm Tues., Mar. 14, in Rm. 250, UC
Berkeley Goldman School of Public Policy, Hearst & Leroy. More
information at http://lib.berkeley.edu/WRCA/ccow.html. 

Sue Morgan
Education Director
Friends of Sausal Creek

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