[fosc] An affordable plan to beautify Dimond's main streets, park and other public areas

Edward Goehring ebgb at sbcglobal.net
Mon Mar 20 15:11:18 PST 2006

   As I was digging up 'excess' iris bulbs in my garden yesterday, I had a
thought for an affordable plan to beautify Dimond's main streets and public
areas: encourage local gardeners to donate bulbs and other self-propagating
plants to be replanted in medians, the library, Dimond Park, planters placed
along the business district sidewalks, etc.
   Our household will happily donate callas, iris, freesia, cannas,
gladiolas, geraniums, jade plants, kaffir lilies, Zeus's Beard, nasturtiums
and Wandering Jew. We can also donate drought-resistant California native

   Does anyone else think this is a workable idea?

Edward G

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