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Subject: Report of illegal dumping into Sausal Creek channel

TO: Alameda County Flood Control

After attempting to resolve this by contacting the offenders directly, I'm
agreed I have to report instances of illegal dumping of litter, garbage and
yard debris into Sausal Creek itself or into the creek channel.


1. Over the past several months I have witnessed the tenant in Apartment 1
at 4000 Canon Ave sweeping litter, broken toys and yard debris from her
building's deck directly into the waters of Sausal Creek. I climbed down
into the creek  channel and removed as much of the garbage and litter as I
could. I boxed up some of the broken toys and clothing items as evidence.

2. Likewise over several months I have watched the gardening contractors for
Beth Asher Retirement Home at 3649 Dimond Ave routinely blow and throw all
their yard debris into the creek channel, creating an unsightly dump area
consisting of dead vegetation, paper and plastic litter.
When I contact Beth Asher staff about this, they said they would have the
practice stopped and the debris cleaned up, but nothing has been done about
the problem yet.

Edward Goehring
Dimond Neighborhood Public Safety Council
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