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Kathy Kramer kathy at kathykramerconsulting.net
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I was reading the discussion about planting with natives (or not) and 
the need for donated plants.

Nurseries will give unsold plants to non-profits; Annie's Annuals, in 
Richmond, has been most generous in this way. Last year they donated 
about 15 flats of natives to my son's pre-school. This year they have 
provided 6 flats of cream cups; three flats went to the Alameda 
Butterfly Garden, three flats to the pre-school. Should you wish to 
reach Annie's, they are at (510) 215-1326.

Other nurseries will donate their unsold natives also, should you 
wish to find a source closer to home.


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    The project I and others are starting depends on donated plants. If you
or FoSC have a source for free native plants, I'd be happy to consider
restricting the planting effort to California natives only (for all the good
reasons you've set forth).

Edward G

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