[fosc] Friends of Sausal Creek Bldg Opportunity

Sue Morgan jmpnpnenviroed at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 26 09:53:53 PST 2006

 Dear Fosc followers,

As many of you know the Friends of Sausal Creek 
are celebrating their tenth anniversary this year and 
as much as we have been involved in the Dimond 
area during this time, there are many folks who may
be quite unaware of us.  An opportunity has arisen 
in the Dimond District to rent a small building which 
just happens to sit on top of Sausal Creek as it wends 
its way from MacArthur Blvd toward 580.  This building 
would afford a physical presence for the Friends and a 
place where folks who may not understand what we do
to come and find out.  It also has a small 'green' area in
the rear which the landlady has said she would fence so 
that if we wanted to garden/propagate natives we could,
affording those without cars an opportunity to do some 

We are very fortunate to find that our friends in the Dimond 
Improvement Association (DIA) are also interested in sharing this
space in Dimond as they too would like to have a more 
visible face in the community.  With both groups able to 
share the rent and space,  a more collegial communication
for the groups and the community becomes possible, as well 
as a reduced financial burden as we would split all costs in 

As most of you know FOSC is not a wealthy organization and 
just last fall we were in one of our tightest financial binds in 
 some time.  We appreciated the support of the local and environ
mental community that rallied to keep us afloat.   

The rental of this space is minimal, around $500/month (shared 
with the DIA, so $250).  A community member of long standing 
has come forth and offered the first 2 months rental for DIA and 
FOSC which is an amazingly generous offer as she is not a member of 
FOSC.  Another DIA member has stepped up and has made a commitment
of $25-50/month for a year.  

FOSC leadership is quite hesitant to move forward on this 
as our financial picture is still so tenuous, so I am coming to you 
to see if there is a group or number of folks who may be willing 
to commit to a small amount monthly for the next year, in an effort 
to see if having a space in the Dimond business community will 
assist us in our outreach efforts to attract more volunteers for 
our restoration efforts, gain more native plant enthusiasts within
home gardens, and perhaps find other likeminded community people
who want to make water quality, wildlife habitat, elementary education,
watershed restoration et al a larger priority in their hectic lives. 

In April's issue of the MacArthur Metro there will also be a call for 
support of this small building so that the Dimond Improvement
and FOSC can have a larger foothold in our community.

Thanks much for your support. 


Pls feel free to pass this along to any and all who you feel may want 
to assist us.

Don Braden has just stepped up to commit $5/month for 1 year.

Sue Morgan
Education Director
Friends of Sausal Creek

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