[fosc] Earth Day activities with the Friends

kristen krhop at earthlink.net
Thu Apr 13 13:18:36 PDT 2006

April 22 from 8:45 till noon

Earth Day! Come out and celebrate this wonderful spaceship of ours by  
helping out in one of three different locations:

Dimond Park

·      This year’s emphasis is on ivy (both kinds)

o      Join a crew pulling Algerian ivy out of oak trees or

o      see if you can bag your weight in Cape ivy

·      Clean trash out of the creek,

·      Weed the native plantings and

·      Mulch the trails in Dimond Canyon

- Meet at the Scout Hut in Dimond Park.

Barry Place

·      Clean up Barry Place some of the most interesting debris is  
found in this section of creek

- Meet at the Scout Hut in Dimond Park and car pool to the site.

Joaquin Miller Native Plant Nursery

·      Weed and mulch front gate demonstration garden

·      Weed and mulch work area

·      Cut path and make steps with rail road ties up to look-out at  
top of Grassland Site

·      Build and install bench at look out

·      Build plant storage tables for shade house

·      Clear out shade house, clean and install new tables

·      Continue acacia removal on slope below the nursery

·      Plant grassland species in Cascade meadow

- Meet at the Joaquin Milller Native Plant Nursery
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