[fosc] Many thanks to Pat Bacchetti!

Karen Paulsell kpaulsell at pacbell.net
Sun Apr 16 22:34:30 PDT 2006

She found a couple of great native plant books in a second hand store  -- a 
Jepson manual, and the new Bornstein book, and donated them to the nursery. 
Great -- Kristen and I don't have to lug our Jepsons back and forth -- and 
while I'm writing up the plant descriptions for the plant sale, the 
Bornstein book makes a handy reference.

It would be great to get some field guides on the shelf up there -- for 
volunteers, for the Education Program. Not just plants, but lizards, 
insects, butterflies, birds. So if you've got older editions or see a good 
second-hand buy, we'd gladly accept the donation.

Thanks again, Pat, and thanks for helping primp the nursery for the sale.

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