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Elliott Smith evsmith at lmi.net
Wed Apr 26 10:53:19 PDT 2006

Hey, Friendly Field Coordinator,

Thanks for all your hard work in coordinating Earth Day events and  
your ongoing, contagious enthusiasm in being a steward of the Sausal  
Creek watershed.

Elliott Smith

On Apr 26, 2006, at 10:10 AM, kristen wrote:

> Earthians,
> Thanks to all who came out out and put their backs into this  
> difficult but important work. And a very special thanks to all who  
> took on the extra responsibility of a leadership roll.
> Great work was accomplished on Earth Day last Saturday.
> Beginning down stream:
> Barry Place -
> The Bi-annual trash and debris clean up at Barry Place is paying  
> off. Reports are that (as we have experienced in Dimond) the volume  
> of rubbish to clean up is decreasing. And as a new step volunteers  
> began the task of ivy removal, with the long term plan of replacing  
> the ivy and acacia on the site with native trees and understory.  
> This spring the Barry Place volunteers planted creek side species  
> to add native diversity to the creek bed.
> The Ivy Beleaguers -
> led a might siege on the ivy threatening to suffocate the oaks  
> behind the Scout Hut in Dimond Park.
> Demonstration Garden - most of the work focused on the ivy this  
> year but some dedicated folks tended our wild and lovely garden in  
> Dimond Park.
> Mulch Madness - a support crew moved mulch where it was needed
> The Cape ivy Crusaders - in Dimond Canyon got a got start on  
> removing the strip of non native nasties between the creek and the  
> new native plantings on the west side of the creek.
> The Clean Sweep Crew - removed the a whopping amount of acacia and  
> broom on the west side of the canyon.
> Trail Work - work on Old Canyon Trail was done as a stop gap  
> measure to prevent the canyon walls from sliding into the creek  
> until we can get the city to fix the failing (badly eroding the  
> canyon walls) storm drain system.
> Kid Krew - looked at bugs in the creek and did some mulching along  
> the trail
> Up at the Joaquin Miller Native Plant Nursery
> We built 12 tables for plants.
> And installed steps for a trail up to the scenic overlook.
> Cleaned out and (almost all the way) enclosed the shade house.
> Weeded and enclosed the front gate garden - hopefully this will  
> dissuade the deer who have taken to browsing our lovely little  
> garden which has been gnawed to the ground in places (bad timing b/ 
> c it is meant to be lush and full for the May 7th garden tour).
> Weeded and tidied much of our plant stock for our first ever plant  
> sale
> Mulched the work area like mad!
> Did some weeding and planting in the Cascade grassland - check it  
> out if you've never seen the planting at the lower end of the JMP  
> Cascade. Loads of purple needle grass has successfully established.
> And last but definitely not least - another huge swath of acacia  
> was cleared on the slope below the nursery.
> Thanks a million,
> Your friendly Field Coordinator
> Kristen Hopper
> 387-9744
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