[fosc] WARNING: reports of loose pit bulls near Canon/Everett/MacArthur/Excelsior

Edward Goehring ebgb at sbcglobal.net
Sat Apr 22 08:24:00 PDT 2006

WARNING: reports of loose pit bulls near Canon/Everett/MacArthur/Excelsior

I have received several reports in the last few days of pit bulls running
loose. One witness said he saw the dogs chase a workman up into the bed of a
pickup truck and another reported her dog was chased by one of the pits.

The dogs (up to three have been reported) may belong to a resident on
Victory Way off Canon Ave. The possible owner has been seen walking the dogs
and is described as a tall, African-American male with very short hair or a
shaved head. The witness reported that the man was seen near Dimond Park --
allowing his dogs to use his neighbors' lawns as toilets and then was seen
headed back toward Victory on Canon.

If you see the dogs running loose, call 777-3333 immediately and report
their location.

If you know the owner, let him know his dogs are running loose and chasing
people. You might ask him to clean up after his dogs when they are on leash

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