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kristen krhop at earthlink.net
Sat Apr 29 09:35:48 PDT 2006

Hello Sausal Creek list subscribers,

Well the date of our first ever native plant sale is rapidly  
approaching. The sale is a benefit for FoSC and will be part of the  
Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour put on by Kathy Kramer  
Consulting. We are expecting loads of visitors to come and admire the  
Restoration Program's Grassland Site (on slope above the nursery) and  
the nursery itself. The Friends have been working on the Joaquin  
Miller Native Plant Nursery since 2001 and it has come a long way  
from enclosed plant debris dump to it's present lovely state. We have  
growing space for 20,000 plants, a green house, shade house and  
potting area shaded by a parachute and loads of other points of  
interest. Recently a great group of scouts built us a soil bin and a  
lumber rack. We also have had a couple of intrepid students in  
conjunction with others, build us twelve tables to make tending our  
smaller plant stock less of a strain on the back. So things are  
really shakin up in the headwaters of Sausal Creek.

On Sunday May 7th from 10 till 5 we will be selling approximately  
3000 of our favorite local native plants. I've attached the list for  
the interested.

For those who would like to and have time to get involved and help,  
there are lots of finishing touches to be seen to. Please join me  
this afternoon from 1:30 till 4:30. Or next Thursday anytime between  
10 and 5. Or the following Saturday 5/6 from 9 on.

Kristen Hopper
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