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> Dear Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour Registrant, Volunteer, or Host,
> The Sunday, May 7 Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour is quickly 
> approaching!  There has been a phenomenal response to this tour; nearly 
> 5,000 people have registered.  Everyone involved with the tour is 
> delighted to see such interest in gardening with native plants. While the 
> number of registrants is high, when split between 64 gardens in two 
> counties it is not as formidable as it sounds. However, in order to make 
> everyone's day more pleasant, and also to provide you with some 
> last-minute information, we are sending a last-minute update, and a few 
> tips:
> Tim and Gayle Kalman (garden 18, in El Cerrito) moved unexpectedly this 
> spring; their house is currently for sale, their garden is off the tour, 
> and Tim won't be giving the "Native Grasses:  They're not just for hippies 
> anymore" talk.
> General Tips and Information:
> 1. Your donations help support the Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour! 
> Please help keep the tour running, and free, by donating generously.  You 
> will find donation jars on each Greeting table. Checks can be made out to 
> Kathy Kramer Consulting.
> 2. Carpool. Are there two people and four seats in your car?  If so, we 
> have set up a new area on the website for you to contact gardeners who 
> would enjoy touring gardens in the company of others.  (Click on "Connect 
> with other gardeners, or share a ride on tour day" at 
> www.BringingBackTheNatives.net. You can also meet like-minded gardeners 
> and share seeds or cuttings, create work exchange parties, and more in 
> this area of the website.)
> 3. Please be extra careful not to block-even a little bit!-anyone's 
> driveway.  That can upset the neighbors and cause problems for the host.
> 4. Wear comfortable shoes and a hat. Bring sunblock and be prepared to 
> walk a block or two to get into the busy gardens.  An umbrella can provide 
> shade, and spritzers (those squirting mister bottles) will cool you off. 
> Pack an ice chest with cold drinks and sandwiches if you don't want to 
> take time out for lunch.
> 5. Plan your day in advance and decide which gardens you would like to 
> visit.  Then consult an on-line mapping website, such as maps.yahoo.com or 
> www.mapquest.com, and map out your route from garden-to-garden.  (The maps 
> in the printed garden guide have received in the mail contain only 
> freeway-to-garden directions.) Bring city maps in case you get turned 
> around.
> 6. Print out the plant lists for the gardens you wish to visit and bring 
> them with you.  That way you can note plants you find particularly 
> appealing.  Plant lists for all of the gardens are on the website at 
> www.BringingBackTheNatives.net under the "Preview the 2006 Gardens" 
> section. Plant lists will not be available at the gardens.
> 7. Each adult entering a garden must provide a garden entry ticket. 
> Children 16 and younger won't need tickets.
> 8. The directions to Jan Enderle's garden in Pleasant Hill were not 
> correct.  The correct directions are below:
> From I-680 NORTH take the Contra Costa Boulevard exit. Turn right at
> the first signal. Immediate left at Boyd. Follow Boyd all the way to
> the end at Pleasant Hill Road. Right on Pleasant Hill Rd. Right on
> Purslane*.
>  From I-680 SOUTH take the Pleasant Hill/Gregory Lane exit. Bear right
> on exit to Gregory Lane. Continue west on Gregory Lane to Pleasant
> Hill Road. Left on Pleasant Hill Rd. Left on Purslane. *
> Look for white fire hydrant and 'No Parking' sign next to a driveway.
> Purslane is a driveway to a court, not a street.
> 9. The address for Jeff Jerge (2535 Carmelita, Pinole) is correct in the 
> list of Bayside Gardens on page 7 of the guide.  It is incorrect on the 
> page describing Jeff's garden (page 59).
> 10. Sausages, chips and cold drinks will be sold at the Joaquin Miller 
> Native Plant Nursery in Oakland.  What could be better than hopping up to 
> the nursery and having lunch while browsing through a great selection of 
> local native plants!  Directions to the nursery are on page 50 of the 
> garden guide.
> 11. Native plants will be sold or given away at 28 gardens. The list of 
> gardens selling native plants is included in the Gardens at a Glance table 
> in the printed garden guide on pages 82 - 85. Bring small bills or your 
> checkbook in case you wish to purchase native plants. Expect low stock at 
> the end of the day. Credit cards will not be accepted.
> 12. Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour t-shirts will be sold at 5 
> gardens. Bring small bills or your checkbook in case you wish to purchase 
> t-shirts. Checks for shirts can be made out to Kathy Kramer Consulting. 
> Credit cards will not be accepted. Expect low stock at the end of the day. 
> The gardens selling tour t-shirts are:
> Berkeley - Scott and Jenny Fleming's garden, and Roy West's garden.
> El Cerrito - John Latto's garden.
> El Sobrante - Sobrante Estates.
> Richmond -  Rich Alatorre's garden.
> Walnut Creek - Rich McDrew's garden.
> 13. More than 60 talks will be given throughout the day - most of them are 
> on the hour, at 11:00, 12:30 or 2:00.  See the Garden Talks list in the 
> garden guide on pages 79 - 81 for details.
> 14. Complete both sides of the evaluation and you will be entered in a 
> drawing to win one of seven free landscape consultations from noted native 
> plant landscape designers.  Just drop the evaluation off at the last 
> garden you visit.  (One evaluation per person; winners must live in 
> Alameda or Contra Costa counties.)
> 15. A number of landscape designers are offering discount consultations to 
> tour participants. We hope these consultations help you make some changes 
> in your garden!  See page 88 in the guide for details.
> Remember that the garden hosts, greeters and garden assistants are all 
> volunteers.  Please be courteous, and remember to thank them.
> Everyone who has worked hard to put on the second annual Bringing Back the 
> Natives Garden Tour hopes you enjoy the day!
> Kathy Kramer
> Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour Coordinator
> (510) 236-9558 

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