[fosc] May Watershed Awareness Month and Day at the Capitol

Sara Marcellino coordinator at sausalcreek.org
Tue May 2 21:28:32 PDT 2006

>Celebrate California's 2nd Annual Watershed Awareness Month!
>This year, the month of May will be celebrated again as Watershed 
>Awareness Month to encourage Californians to learn more about their local 
>watersheds and participate in activities to enhance their natural 
>surroundings and communities.  The theme for this year is "Get to Know 
>Your Watershed!"  Throughout the month of May, volunteer organizations, 
>communities, educators, and others are encouraged to promote the 
>importance of watersheds at the grassroots and community levels by 
>organizing and conducting watershed awareness activities.  To celebrate 
>Watershed Awareness Month, participants can take part in watershed walks, 
>water quality monitoring, streamside cleanups, and other activities 
>already taking place in their watersheds, or they can organize an event of 
>their own.
>You can also celebrate May Watershed Awareness Month by joining other 
>watershed partnerships in this year's Watershed Day at the Capitol.  Early 
>registration has been extended to tomorrow, May 3rd.  This event is a 
>great opportunity to learn about the political climate regarding the 
>future of watershed management.  The morning agenda includes an 
>interactive discussion with Secretary Mike Chrisman (Resources Agency) and 
>Reed Holderman (Trust for Public Land).  Assembly Member John Laird will 
>also be presenting his thoughts on watershed management in 
>California.  Following Assembly Member Laird is a panel discussion 
>regarding the importance of investing in community-based watershed 
>management with Julia McIver and Vern Goehring.
>Visit <http://www.watershednetwork.org/>www.watershednetwork.org for full 
>agenda and additional details.
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