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Ralph Kanz rkanz at earthlink.net
Wed May 3 10:19:09 PDT 2006

Two years ago we asked the State to prohibit fishing in Sausal Creek.  
We worked with the Friends of 5 Creeks who wanted Codornices Creek 
closed.  The Berkeley City Council passed a resolution in support of the 
proposal, but the City of Oakland did not do the same thing.  I wrote 
Jean Quan  for the Friend of Sausal Creek asking for a resolution of 
support and she never responded to the letter.  I also wrote to 
Assemblymember Wilma Chan and did not receive a reply.  Without the 
support from the City and our local state representative the Department 
of Fish and Game was unwilling to support the proposal.

Fishing should be prohibited in Sausal Creek.  Unfortunately fishing is 
legal with the following regulation: Last Saturday in April through Nov. 
15. Only artificial lures with barbless hooks may be used. The limit is 
Zero Fish.  In other words catch and release fishing only.   Codornices 
Creek got these regulations: Closed to all fishing all year.

I believe the Fish and Game Commission is taking up Sport Fishing 
regulation changes again this year.  We could again attempt to get a 
closure in place.

Ralph Kanz

Edward Goehring wrote:
> Sport fishermen? In Sausal Creek?  -- We need some signs in Dimond Park to
> help protect the creek
>   Yesterday I chased two 'sport' fishermen out of the creek below Dimond
> Park. When I spotted them, these two men wearing hats with a New York logo
> on them were wading down the creek, making too much noise for any real
> fishing, baiting the hooks on their lines.
>   I informed them that many people had worked a long time to make the creek
> safe for fish once more and asked them not to fish the stream. They replied
> that their California State fishing licenses allowed them to fish in Sausal
> Creek and that they would continue. I then pointed out that Sausal Creek
> runs on private property below Dimond Park and that they were trespassing.
> In fact, trespassing on my property at the moment. They got belligerent. I
> said I'd call the police. They departed up the creek, vowing to return to
> fish.
>    Perhaps the Parks department could post a sign or two at the park
> boundary, letting park visitors know that Sausal Creek between
> Wellington/Dimond Park and MacArthur is not a portion of the park and is
> private property? Maybe add a line to the sign about NO FISHING?
>    Those of us fortunate enough to have Sausal Creek in our back yards are
> also its protectors. The Parks Dept. could help us do our job by posting
> signs that would discourage trespassers from littering, damaging creekside
> plantings and killing the wildlife in the creek.
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