[fosc] FOSC member dies

Myrna Cozen mlcozen at yahoo.com
Wed May 17 22:07:47 PDT 2006

I'm a former FOSC volunteer that moved away to El Cerrito a few years 
ago.  I worked side by side with Elliot for a few months on the El Centro 
creek restoration.  He made a lasting impression on me--for his gentleness 
and unassuming commitment to this community project.  I am very sorry to 
hear this news.  Please keep me informed of any memorial plans.  Thank you.

--Myrna Cozen

At 12:11 PM 5/17/2006, Sue Morgan wrote:
>Hello all,
>I have just heard some very sad news about
>Elliott Smith who was skiing yesterday and got
>into an accident.  He was helicoptered out to a
>hospital (Tahoe I think) but did not make it .
>Elliott has been a stalwart volunteer for many
>years with the Friends.  He worked with the Ed
>program for 4 years and with restoration and
>the Earth Team students this year.  He has taken
>many photos of the restoration areas, people in
>the field during seed collection and in many areas
>of the FOSC life.
>It is with a very heavy heart that I share this information
>with you all.  This is all of the limited information that
>I know right now.
>Sue Morgan
>Education Director
>Friends of Sausal Creek
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