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Sam Cohen Sam at Energy-Solution.com
Sun May 21 15:46:04 PDT 2006

Elliot was one of the most positive and friendly people I've met. He
never had an agenda; he just pitched in and helped. In thinking about
what the best way to honor that spirit, I headed on down to the creek
yesterday to pull some Scotch broom and hemlock and make our corner of
the world a little better place. It was also gratifying to see how
incredibly the revegetation from the dam removal has grown in over the
last several years. 

Sam Cohen


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This is the picture i want to remember Sir Elliott of Sausalshire by. I
hope it can pass through the list moderator and doesn't over load  
your computers.
Chicory B. of Earth Team sent me a wonderful series of him working  
with the kids for Oakland High this winter. Happy to forward them to  
any who would like to have them.
Mark R. and I left a message on Elliott's doorstep. He hope to get a  
response from his sister as to where and when the memorial will be.  
Will let you all know if when we get info.

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