[fosc] McKillop slide news

Janet Broughton broughton at berkeley.edu
Wed May 31 19:14:56 PDT 2006

The earth is on the move along the top of a deeply incised Sausal 
Creek canyon.  Three properties are red-tagged: the Jehovah's Witness 
church, a vacant lot, and a private residence.  Some cracks may be 
developing in the street.

On the immediately affected properties, there are large cracks in the 
earth, or areas of upheaval and subsidence, or both.  In the past few 
days, conditions have begun to change very rapidly.

EBMUD and PGE are monitoring water and gas lines closely; some lines 
have been shut off.  The City's Department of Public Works is aware 
of conditions on McKillop, and Ignacio de la Fuente, the 
councilmember for the area, will be visiting the site 
tomorrow.  Alameda County Flood Control declined to offer advice or 
expertise at this point, but before long they will look at conditions 
to see whether there is any sort of stabilization project they might undertake.

The Sheffield Avenue Neighborhood Association is actively involved in 
seeking help from City agencies, and several property owners in the 
affected area are seeking professional analysis and advice from 
geotechnical engineers.

I'll try to keep FOSC and DIA members informed as this situation evolves.

Janet Broughton

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