[fosc] Celebration of Elliott Smith

kristen krhop at earthlink.net
Thu Jun 1 11:18:16 PDT 2006

Hello Friends of Elliott Smith,

Elliott's sister Judy Whiting and her husband John have decided that  
the most fitting way to appreciate Elliott would be to hold a  
Celebration of his life. All are welcome. Please come and share a  
story or celebrate Elliott in a way that seems fitting and  
comfortable to you.

Please mark your calendars and join us at the Pyramid Picnic Site on  
the hill above the Joaquin Miller Native Plant Nursery on Sunday June  
18 at 2 pm.

Here are directions on how to get there.
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Directions to the picnic area next Joaquin Miller?s pyramid in  
Joaquin Miller Park, Oakland, CA.
  From Hwy 13

Take the Joaquin Miller Rd./Lincoln Ave. exit and turn east up the hill.

3/4 miles after passing Hwy13, turn left onto Sanborn

(This turn is easiest to find by looking for the brown sign on a  
light post in the median of the road that says "Native Plant  
Nursery". The road is labeled Sanborn to the left and Robinson to the  
right. Note that Sanborn Rd. loops and connects to JM Rd. further  
below but it?s not a real road entrance).
Drive through the park until you come to a fork in the road. The road  
to the right will be blocked with a yellow gate. Park here just off  
the side of the road. You can also park at the large parking lot to  
your left.

If you are unable to walk one quarter of a mile in and out there will  
be someone there to open the gate for you. All who are able to,  
please walk.

Walk or drive past the gate, at the fork in the road follow the One  
Way sign and take the upper or right hand fork. The walk to the  
pyramid picnic site is roughly 1/4 mile from the yellow gate. You  
will see it to your left as the downhill side of the road opens on to  
a grassy hilltop.

If you get lost I?ll have my cell phone on.

Kristen Hopper



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