[fosc] Local rights regarding seed threatened: SB 1056

Mary Cranley shreemary at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 24 18:06:59 PDT 2006

Local rights' to create legislation around the sale,
growing and labeling of seed are being threatened with
the introduction of SB 1056  in the Assembly
Agriculture Committee this Wednesday, June 28.  The
bill states that local municipalities cannot enact law
regarding the sale, growing, sowing, and labeling of
seed.  Contamination of non-GE crops by GE seed will
be much higher, and this would effectively put an end
to activism around genetically engineered crops. 
Monsanto, who owns 88 percent of GE crops in the
world, is sponsoring the bill, as they have done in 15
other states (most if not all of those have passed).  
There are several short articles in the paper today
about this:

I have contaced the city council as well as the county
Supervisors to oppose the bill.  Feel free to write to
Senator Perata, or go to 

I will keep you posted!

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