[fosc] bringing FoSC into the meetings about Central Reservoir landslide/flooding hazard?

Edward Goehring ebgb at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jul 5 13:50:38 PDT 2006

   The Dimond Public Safety Council would like to invite representatives
from FoSC to participate in the discussions about community response to the
hazards posed by Oakland's Central Reservoir. An earthquake-induced failure
of the reservoir's earthen dam, whether partial or complete, would impact
anything from water quality in Sausal creek to the creek's course itself.
   We are planning a sit-down meeting in the next few months that would
include EBMUD, Oakland Public Works, OES, CORE, Alameda County Watersheds,
Fruitvale, Eastlake, Dimond, reservoir neighbors, City Council staff, etc.
This meeting would begin to assess hazards, preparedness and remedies. Let
me know if FoSC is interested?

Thank you,

Edward Goehring
Dimond Neighborhood Public Safety Council
A Committee of the Dimond Improvement Association

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