[fosc] Golf Course Net Down

Karen Paulsell kpaulsell at pacbell.net
Mon Jul 10 18:24:22 PDT 2006

I was over taking pix in Dimond Canyon today -- and when I reached the Park 
Blvd. side of the golf course net, part of it was down. There were two 
trucks, one towing a water tank, and one of the two men was draining the 
tank with a hose, letting the water out onto the hillside. I checked to be 
sure it was just water, then asked what they'd been doing -- welding, they 
were standing right next to the support for the golf course net, so I 
assumed they'd been working on it.

While I was taking pix, they took off -- and as I'm on my belly, trying for 
a way-cool shot down the watershed to the Fruitvale Bridge towers, I hear 
someone ask "Can I help you?" Nope, says I, just taking pix.

Oh, says he, we just had some vandalism here.
- Yes, the golf course net, it was up until just a few minutes ago.

So I tell him about the welding crew, and while he's on his cell phone, I 
go look -- evidence of fresh welds, for sure. Turns out, the guys had 
stopped, said they were going to be doing the work, were told not to, 
because the golf course person who deals with the net was not there.

Apparently, they went ahead and did it anyway, messing up the net in the 

The golf course guy was fretting, it was going to cost a bundle to fix the 
net, and in the meantime, they'd lose lots of golf balls.

The place many of those golf balls will get lost is: in the creek.



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