[fosc] mapping Dimond Park

kristen krhop at earthlink.net
Sat Aug 5 10:13:53 PDT 2006

Spoke with Karen about IF she would do the oak mapping in D. Park.
And if she would be able to do this before December.
And how much she would charge.

She is mulling it over but here are some of her thoughts

Karen points out that she could indicate areas where there are oaks  
with shading on a basic map and then include base line information  
about the number of oaks. She points out that it would be more  
interesting to include information on the DBH (diameter at breast  
height) height and size of canopy and the general health of  
individual trees. This would be very labor intensive and would only  
be do-able if we got a class of students (either high school or  
community college) to do the bulk of the data collection.
The question is - what is the question?
Are we collecting baseline information to track the health of the  
Dimond oaks? Who will use this info in future? How does this fit in  
with the FoSC restoration goal of getting a vegetation map of the  
watershed? Can we have  her working on this too while fulfilling the  
conditions of the JQ grant?

Are we all ok with doing just one walk and talk and though in the  
last paragraph of the grant - it says that we will do monthly walks??


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