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Mon Aug 14 09:30:54 PDT 2006

 FOSC is pleased to announce it has a new Executive Director in Sara 
Marcellino. The board voted on Aug 9 to approved her elevation into this new position. 
We also created a Nursery Manager position for Kristin Hopper and will be 
hiring a new restoration coordinator position. In addition, we have created an 
Advisory Board that will retain the advice of outgoing Board member Michael 
Thilgen and include others as they are identified. 

There's a member's meeting this Wed. at 7 Pm where we'll discuss this 

On a local note, the El Centro trail awaits our Creek to Bay Day clean up 
efforts, after a long summer of use. Please note on your calenders Sept 16. and 
turn out to help.

Finally there's an odd structure built in the creek near the Leimert Bridge. 
A rock island in the middle of the stream with a pipe sticking straight up. 
The island is 4 foot tall, made of rock and dirt, that will be surely swept away 
with the first rains.

Mark J. Rauzon
Friends of Sausal Creek- Board
4701 Edgewood Ave.
Oakland, CA 94602
mjrauz at aol.com

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