[fosc] Seed Bill, urgent

Mary Cranley shreemary at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 23 09:11:37 PDT 2006

Urgent action needed on the California seed
pre-emption bill – We know we asked you to contact
your legislators before, but the bill is still in
play, and we need your help again!

Right now, the California Legislature is considering
Senate Bill 1056, the bill that would pre-empt local
government restrictions over genetically engineered
seeds and nursery stock. If this bill passes into law,
it will override future restrictions on genetically
engineered crops and seeds, as well as all other
regulations of seeds, at the local level. 

According to a recent media report, the bill’s
sponsor, Senator Florez, is considering amending the
bill to make it a two-year moratorium on local seed
regulations, likely to make the bill easier to pass.
Whether temporary or permanent, SB 1056 is an
anti-democratic end-run that addresses none of the
legitimate concerns that have been raised by citizens
and local governments. Until meaningful regulation is
in place at the state level that protects farmers, the
environment and public health from the risks of
genetically engineered crops, we must retain the right
to make decisions at the local level.

We have very little time left to stop this bill, SB
1056 may be heard by the Assembly any day now, and
will then go to the Senate. Contact your state
legislators and Senate President pro Tem Perata NOW
and tell them to stop SB 1056!
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