[fosc] scary invasive parasitic plant -- good news!

Karen Paulsell kpaulsell at pacbell.net
Fri Sep 8 21:48:05 PDT 2006

Good news: Eradication at the invasive Japanese dodder site on Inyo 
Avenue began today, before I sent my email to the officials at the 
Agriculture Department and the FoSC list. This has been confirmed by 
both the Facilities Director at the Salem Lutheran Home and Gregory 
Gee, the Chief Deputy Agricultural Commissioner for Alameda County.

They've gotten approval from all affected property owners. The 
workers are carefully removing the affected parts of  trees and 
shrubs limb-by-limb and bagging all materials. In addition, they've 
contacted the landscaping firm used by Salem Lutheran Home, and have 
located and recovered the removed material, to be disposed of properly.

It's important to catch these invasive dodder infestations early, 
before they spread and make eradication very expensive.  So if you 
see yellow stringy vines in shrubs, trees, or herbaceous plants, send 
me an email. I'll come check it out, for now. As soon as I can 
confirm the quickest contact info for getting problem sites 
addressed, I'll post that information.

At 04:11 PM 9/8/2006, Karen Paulsell wrote:
>A very invasive parasitic plant has recently been discovered in the
>Bay Area by creek activist Susan Schwartz.  We haven't seen it in our
>watershed -- but it's right on the edge! Just half a block away.
>Susan did a lot of advocacy work when she found the plant, and has
>inspected the site and confirmed the ID.

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