[fosc] dodder found in our watershed

Karen Paulsell kpaulsell at pacbell.net
Sat Sep 9 18:22:52 PDT 2006

After I posted my alert to the FoSC list, a resident of Woodbine 
Avenue sent an email about it possibly being on CalTrans property at 
the Fruitvale exit. So after my nursery stint this afternoon, I drove 
by. Exactly like the Japanese
  dodder we saw at the Inyo site.  It's growing in/on fennel, coyote 
brush bottlebrush, and some evergreen tree I don't recognize, at least.

If anyone wants to check it out, for use in future ID, Woodbine 
parallels the Eastbound-580 exit ramp at Fruitvale, the infestation 
is on the CalTrans property, about 4 houses up from Fruitvale. Can't miss it.

So, it's not only in our watershed, but only 300 feet from our creek.

I'll send email to the folks at the Ag department, see if its on 
their list. And also, to CalTrans.

Many thanks to the resident of Woodbine Avenue who reported this to 
me (not sure if it is OK to use the name).

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