[fosc] Welcome Kathren!

Sara Marcellino coordinator at sausalcreek.org
Fri Sep 15 10:36:52 PDT 2006


It is with great pleasure that, on behalf of the Board of Directors and our 
now Nursery Manager Kristen Hopper, I welcome Kathren Murrell Stevenson to 
FOSC's staff!

As our new part-time Restoration Program Coordinator, Kathren will begin 
leading the program at an exciting time for FOSC. With current funding 
supporting several specific projects, and our ongoing needs throughout our 
sites, she is guaranteed to remain plenty busy. And if you have any time 
this fall, please show your support for the program by attending one of our 
workdays. The current calendar is posted here: 

Kathren will be working with us tomorrow morning at Creek to Bay Day, if 
you have a chance, please welcome her!


Sara Marcellino, Executive Director
Friends of Sausal Creek
P.O. Box 2737
Oakland, CA  94602

ph: 510.501.FOSC (3672)
e-mail: coordinator at sausalcreek.org
web: www.sausalcreek.org

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