[fosc] Dimond Park

Ralph Kanz rkanz at earthlink.net
Wed Sep 27 21:46:58 PDT 2006

Anybody know anything about this item on next Tuesday's City Council 
agenda concerning Benevides?

Ralph Kanz

Subject:     Ingress And Egress At 4683 And 4689 Benevides Avenue

From:          Community and Economic Development Agency

Recommendation: Approve The Final Passage (Second Reading) Of An Ordinance 
Authorizing The City Administrator To Negotiate And Execute A Five Year License  

Agreement With Shay And Olivia Harting And Carol Cordray, With Options To Extend  

The License Term, To Accommodate An Existing Driveway For Ingress And Egress  

Located At 4683 And 4689 Benevides Avenue (APN: 024-0551-001) On Approximately  

2,000 Square Feet Of City Owned Parkland Located Along The Westerly Edge Of  

Dimond Park

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