[fosc] Dimond Park Trail Repair

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Eleanor and FoSC friends,
   One option is to 'rebuild' the creek bank with trail above using natural
materials (especially those on hand). I have experience with this going back
to the 1970s and can explain in detail if folks are interested.
    In short, large broken rocks are placed to support where you want the
bank to be. These rocks are built up course by course, fitted together
irregularly. These large rocks form a sloping bank and protect a 'rip-rap'
of branches, gravel and progressively smaller stones within the bank. The
whole affair is built up in irregular layers, with branches or logs set at
angles within it  -- ideally angled toward the flow of winter floodwater.
Finally, a gravel or sand path is placed on top, sloped to control erosion
and promote drainage thru the gravel mix below instead of washouts of the
bank. The bank itself can be protected from flood damage by interlacing the
interior mix of large stones and branches with heavy stones facing the
sloping bank glacis. This is based on the Gallic Wall principle.
   Material transport can be done using Chinese wheelbarrows for minimal
terrain damage. The rest of the work is within the scope of levers and
fulcrums, shovels and buckets :)

Just a thought  -- and an inexpensive one. as for durability, apart from
having to patch the occasional subsidence with more small rocks and gravel,
I understand that some of the roads and trails I helped construct back in
the day have survived intact thru 33 years of Ozark and Pacific NW rains and

I have no idea how this would fit creek construction regulations, however.

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  I haven't looked at the trail washout recently, but know that whatever we
do will have to be evaluated under the creek protection ordinance.  I was
wondering if there was a way to reroute the trail up through the
demonstration garden and avoid construction in the creek.  Anyone have ideas
about this?
  Eleanor  Dunn
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