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Kelly Mathews kellyjanem at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 29 09:59:57 PDT 2006

Shay and Olivia Harting and Carol Cordray are my
neighbors on Benevides Avenue. They own the two homes
on a single large piece of property at the end of the
cul-de-sac.  The two homes share a long-existing
driveway that crosses the edge of city-owned parkland.
(This is beside the Benevides trailhead.)  This
driveway is the only access to their homes and
property. I'll hazard a guess that the driveway has
existed where it is for more than 50 years.

I hope this is easily approved.

Kelly Mathews
4620 Benevides Ave.

--- Ralph Kanz <rkanz at earthlink.net> wrote:

> Anybody know anything about this item on next
> Tuesday's City Council 
> agenda concerning Benevides?
> Ralph Kanz
> 10.8-CC
> Subject:     Ingress And Egress At 4683 And 4689
> Benevides Avenue
> From:          Community and Economic Development
> Agency
> Recommendation: Approve The Final Passage (Second
> Reading) Of An Ordinance 
> Authorizing The City Administrator To Negotiate And
> Execute A Five Year License  
> Agreement With Shay And Olivia Harting And Carol
> Cordray, With Options To Extend  
> The License Term, To Accommodate An Existing
> Driveway For Ingress And Egress  
> Located At 4683 And 4689 Benevides Avenue (APN:
> 024-0551-001) On Approximately  
> 2,000 Square Feet Of City Owned Parkland Located
> Along The Westerly Edge Of  
> Dimond Park
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