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Kathren Murrell Stevenson kathren at gmail.com
Sat Sep 30 10:08:17 PDT 2006

Hi all,
I met with Kristen Hathaway and Martin Matarrese from the City of Oakland
yesterday, and below is a discussion of the repair options being considered.

Because the damage extends below the high watermark, several permits will be
required for the repair. The Department of Fish and Game requires a
streambank alteration permit, and the City of Oakland requires a City Creek
Protection permit. These permits are difficult to acquire for the months
from October 15th to April 15th, as this is, of course, the rainy season,
and the permits will require a diversion or dewatering of the creek water
while construction is in progress. Getting a permit prior to the October
15th deadline seemed very unlikely.

However, because the trail itself has collapsed, this bank damage presents a
safety hazard for those hiking through the watershed. The City will take the
liability associated with the safety hazard very seriously, and therefore
will need to come up with a temporary solution very quickly. This temporary
fix would be designed to last through the winter, until a more permitted
solution could be permitted.

The temporary fix might include a retaining wall with t-posts (one can be
seen immediately upstream where a previous boyscout project repaired the
bank and planted dogwoods). Consisting of t-post rods and lumber, this
retaining wall would have erosion fabric at the base and be topped by orange
fencing. This solution would not include any work below the high watermark
but would reduce the possibility of further erosion throughout the rainy

The permanent solution that Martin recommended would require buttressing and
armoring from the base, a root wad to help stabilize the bank, and
dewatering of the creek during construction. The bank would be rebuilt from
the base, below the high watermark. Most of this work would be completed by
hand, but a crane might be needed to lower root wads down into the area.
Kristen suggested that at the same time improvements could be made to the
adjacent area previously repaired by the Scout troop.

Kathren M. Stevenson
Restoration Coordinator
Friends of Sausal Creek
(510) 388-5676
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