[fosc] Board of Directors Meeting Agenda for October 11, 2006

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Wed Oct 4 12:13:31 PDT 2006

Friends of Sausal Creek 
Board of Directors Meeting Agenda
Wednesday  October 11, 2006
Chabot Space and Science Center Board Room

 Call to  Order                                                              
                      7 PM
 Review and Approval of Prior  Minutes                           7:05- 7:10
 Update from Restoration  Coordinator                                        
Brief action update and ideas on Restoration Committee
  Executive Director  Update                                                 
Project and Organization Update
Financial Update
 Discussion  of paid staff attendance of  Meetings                          
7:50- 8:10
 Outreach  Ideas                                                             
Please come with some thoughts on outreach to share.  The  Outreach Committee 
will work with these ideas on creating an outreach plan and  to schedule 
 Donation Letter  Planning                                                   
 10th Anniversary Party/Auction  Plan                                        
  8:30-9 PM
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