[fosc] Modified FOSC board agenda

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Wed Oct 4 16:40:53 PDT 2006

I am sorry, I forgot an item we had agreed to discuss.  Here is the  final 
board agenda
Friends of Sausal Creek 
Board of Directors Meeting Agenda
Wednesday  October 11, 2006
Chabot Space and Science Center Board Room

 Call to  Order                                                              
                      7 PM
 Review and Approval of Prior  Minutes                                       
7:05- 7:10
 Update from Restoration  Coordinator                                        
Brief action update and ideas on Restoration Committee
  Executive Director  Update                                                 
Project and Organization Update
Financial Update
 Discussion  of paid staff meeting  attendance                            
7:50- 8:10
 Outreach  Ideas                                                             
Please come with some thoughts on outreach to share.  The  Outreach Committee 
will work with these ideas on creating an outreach plan and  to schedule 
 Donation Letter  Planning                                                   
 10th Anniversary Party/Auction  Plan                                        
 Executive Director Duties       8:45-9PM

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