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Mon Oct 16 21:08:58 PDT 2006

There was a western pond turtle in the el centro pool today, been there for 
over a week or more. Wonder where it came from and how long it will last?- 
given the upcoming floods.
They are sort of rare these days and are a state-protected species.

"Once a common site along most low elevation ponds and streams, the western 
pond turtle is quietly disappearing from the California landscape.  Over 90 
percent of the freshwater ponds, marshes and year-round streams where the turtles 
once lived have been drained, diverted or developed.  Where the turtles can 
still be found, many populations no longer produce offspring, the result of 
disturbed nesting grounds and the predation of you turtles by non-native 
bullfrogs and black bass.  With a life span of over 40 years, the presence of turtles 
may be a false indication that populations are healthy.  As a result, western 
pond turtles have been classified as a species of special concern and require 
careful monitoring."
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