[fosc] Day of the Dead

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Thu Nov 2 21:16:39 PST 2006

In the early evening I headed to the creek, and on El Centro I   saw a slight 
man with silver hair that reminded me of   Elliott Smith, disguised as a 
stranger. And earlier in the day I saw another man that reminded me of another 
recent deceased friend (Meurto d'anno). Subconsciously at first, I later 
remembered it was the day of the dead. 

I saw Elliott's house had a sold sign on it. It was empty as I passed by. 
Walking on Benevides trail, fragrant with rain, I   found Elliott's image on the 
old newsletter still attached to the sign that was chopped down by vandals.   
He haunted the trail still. I descended the creek, frothy with suds from the 
first rain of the season.   In the gloom of twilight, an owl flew out of a 
copse of bays, and down the creek on a mission.

Mark Rauzon
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