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Howdy folks,
A special thanks to Nancy Roselund, who led a crew last Saturday. Also a big
round of applause for the continued help from Piedmont High. We got a lot
done along the creek in Dimond Canyon. Apparently it was a successful day at
the nursery as well. Kristen says "we shore did whump that nursery into
shape. Thanks to all who lent a hand!"

<field at sausalcreek.org>

 *Seed Hike Thursday 11/16   9:30 am until 12:30 pm
*Meet at the fire gate across from the Visitor's Center on Sanborn Road in
Joaquin Miller Park.
Let Kristen know if you're coming so she will know to wait for you. It's
true that rain showers are predicted. Heavy rain at 9 a.m. cancels. Kristen
says "Intermittent light rain, to me, is welcome company so in that case
-I'll be there".
*Looking for Work Crew Leaders...*

Get ready for our big Winter Solstice Planting Party, 12/16. Show your
support by signing up to be a work crew leader at one of our planting sites.
RSVP to field at sausalcreek.org. We'll be meeting between 8:30 and 8:45, and
will plant from 9am-noon. After that we'll meet back at the Dimond Rec
Center for a free lunch!
*Riparian Site Restoration, Saturday 11/18, 9am-noon.*
This week we will meet at the El Centro trailhead, and will continue
preparing for winter planting, remove cape ivy, and pull ivy out of trees
near the Earth Team plots. Come out and help us, if you have a chance.

*Directions to the **El Centro** Trailhead:*

1A) From 580, take the Park Boulevard exit, and turn north, towards the
hills. Go 1 mile (through the Glenview District) and turn right on El Centro.
(1 block past the Chevron station.); OR

1B) From Highway 13: take the Park Boulevard exit, and turn south, towards
the Bay. Go 1 mile, turn left on El Centro. (1 block before the Chevron

2) The trailhead is at the bottom of the hill (2/10ths of a mile.) There are
a few parking spaces here, or you can park in the Dimond Rec Center parking
lot. (500 feet further.) If you park at the Rec Center , you can take the
stairway down to the Tot Lot, (pause to admire our Native Plant Garden )
then follow the trail near the creek to reach the trailhead.

*Nursery Program, Saturday 11/18, ** 1:30 to 4:30 pm**.*

There are two types of jobs at the nursery. The first is of course plant
propagation. Right now our green house is bursting with seedlings that are
just calling out to be transplanted. The second job is the general back work
that keeps the nursery functioning such as moving plants and caring for the
growing areas. Nursery work is also is a great way to get up close and
familiar with the local native flora.

*Directions to the Nursery:*

1) To get to the Nursery from Hwy. 13 take the Joaquin Miller exit and turn
east up the hill.

2) 3/4 miles after passing Hwy13, turn left onto Sanborn This turn is
easiest to find turn by looking for the sign in the median of the road that
says "Native Plant Nursery". 3) The road is labeled Sanborn to the left and
Robinson to the right. Note that Sanborn Rd. loops and connects to
Lincolnfurther below but it's not a real road entrance.

4) Drive through the park until you come to a fork in the road. The road to
the right will be blocked with a yellow gate. Park here just off the right
side of the road. You can also park at the large parking lot to your left.
5) Walk past the gate, following Sanborn Rd. down to the nursery. At the
fork past the gate, go left. Shortly after you will see the nursery on your
left. The walk is about 1/4 mile.
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