[fosc] KGO TV: Oakland Home Continues To Slide -- 4 To 5 Feet In Past Week (Central Reservoir/McKillop area)

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Fri Nov 17 20:08:10 PST 2006

KGO TV: Oakland Home Continues To Slide  --  4 To 5 Feet In Past Week
(Central Reservoir/McKillop area)

 By Wayne Freedman

Nov. 17 - KGO - The recent rains are causing more heartache for a homeowner
in the Oakland hills where the ground is sliding even more than the first
time this past March. The house is located on McKillop Road in Oakland. It
slid another four to five feet just in the past week and seems to be caving
in on itself. And if the hill goes, there's concern that nearby buildings
could be in danger as well.

They say that geologic time takes about an instant  here it's moving even
faster, at least on this street. When the week began, this home was angled
at about 30 degrees to the hill, now it's 45 degrees. The attic is literally
in the basement.

Some people read the future through tea leaves. But on McKillop Road in
Oakland, Marty Perlmutter looks at cracks in asphalt.

 Marty Perlmutter, sliding homeowner: "I think the street is in trouble. I
know from cracks now. I'm like the local expert on cracks. I can tell you
those are not good cracks."

After a spring of discontent, and then a summer, here comes the winter.
Perlmutter owns the infamous sliding house, the one he hoped to tear down
last July. The one that remains on, today, just barely.

ABC7's Wayne Freedman: "Why is the house still here?"

Marty Perlmutter: "The house and I are a monument to the city's ineptitude
and lack of care."

Perlmutter still blames East Bay MUD. He thinks there is a leak from the
nearby central reservoir, but he cannot prove it and East Bay MUD denies it.

Marty Perlmutter: "EBMUD is too deep into the mud, they need to the

Meantime, Marty worries that the slide that took his house will also take
more along this street. Hayward Blake inspected his mom's home recently.

Hayward Blake, neighbor: "It looks like the foundation is starting to roll a
little bit."

This has all the neighbors waiting for the city of Oakland to build a large
retaining wall. According to Michael Neary of the Public Works Department,
that could happen as early as next week.

ABC7's Wayne Freedman: "How long will it take to get done?"

Michael Neary, Public Works Dept.: "We estimate about five to six weeks, but
depending upon weather."

Wayne Freedman: "Can you get it done before the hill slides away with the

Michael Neary: "We hope so."

The big question now is, why is this house still here? We don't have a
clear-cut answer. It has a little bit to do with paperwork. Marty Perlmutter
says he had an agreement made with the city of Oakland, but the city has not
come through to help demolish his house.

The other question is, why did it take so long to get this retaining wall
built? That has to do with FEMA money. The city is waiting for that money to
appear, it still hasn't appeared. The city says it will go ahead and do this
wall on its own and hopefully that money will appear later.


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