[fosc] oak walk, trout and winter

Mjrauz at aol.com Mjrauz at aol.com
Wed Dec 6 15:42:36 PST 2006

This Saturday, we'll be celebrating the oaks of Dimond Park, since its been a 
year since the Dimond Oak was cut. We'll measure some of the other giants, 
take a walk and look at the life stages of oaks from acorn to elders. We'll 
plant some oaks for the future and learn about sudden oak disease and other 
threats. 1PM at the scout hut, and lasts about an hour.

Other news: Saw a small trout in the upper watershed in Palo Seo creek, first 
one since the heavy rains of last winter.

Also this winter (?) winds have blown down some of the poles in the nursery 
that support the parachute. That's why we're starting a "capital improvement 
project" up there.

Also next Saturday is our Winter Solitice party. Meet at 9am, to plant, get 
muddy and cold then enjoy some just deserts at the rec center with us.

See you out there.
Mark Rauzon

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