[Fosc] frogs

Janet Broughton broughton at berkeley.edu
Sat Aug 16 13:00:21 PDT 2008

I've lived on Sausal Creek at the end of Hickory Street since 1990, 
and I'm quite concerned by the fall-off in Pacific chorus frogs in 
the past couple of years.

During the 1990s, the pattern was that you could hear a few frogs 
here in March and April, a strong chorus in May, June, and July, and 
then none by mid-August.  Starting in 2000, you could hear the first 
frogs earlier in the year, in February and even late January.  During 
2006, 07, and 08, there have been only a few frogs to be heard all 
summer, and fewer with each successive year.  It's my impression that 
the fall-off started a year or so earlier a bit upstream, at the 
Woodbine/'Pleasant stretch of the creek.

I just read 
but don't know whether any of it is relevant to local 
conditions.  I've wondered whether our rising trout population is 
contributing to the decrease in the frog population.  Or could it be 
chloramine from our water supply that has made its way into the 
creek?  Global warming?  Any theories?

Janet Broughton

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